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To adhere to COVID-19 guidelines, all patients must wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose for the duration of the time in our office. Please be advised, a screening and temperature check will take place prior to entry. If you arrive early for your scheduled visit, you may be asked to wait until your appointment time before entering the building. We also request that any accompanying family, caregivers, and drivers remain outside for the duration of the visit, unless their presence is essential. Curbside pick-up for both contacts and glasses is available.

We are making every effort to assure your visit to our office is comfortable and safe. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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Ophthalmic & Contact Lens Technicians


Kittery Optometric Associates is fortunate to count among its assets five highly skilled optometric technicians having over 50 years of combined experience in caring for Seacoast patients. Our younger patients are most apt to encounter our technical staff in the arena of contact lens care where they show their expertise in a wide variety of clinical encounters from initial training to troubleshooting complex contact lens related problems. Older patients are more likely to be served in the area of ocular disease, as it is our technicians who administer a wide variety of doctor-ordered special procedures including ultrasounds, photography, optical coherence tomography and many more. Besides technical expertise we are especially proud of the friendly and caring attitude they always manage to bring to those who need our services. This combination of technical expertise, experience and attitude of the five individuals in this sector of our office is unique & will have a lot to do with ensuring a successful outcome in all phases of your ophthalmic care here at KOA.