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Chemistrie- Eyewear that Clicks

Chemistrie Clips

Patented Chemistrie Clips consists of an ultra-thin pair of high-quality lenses that attach directly to your glasses, utilizing small magnets installed directly into your prescription lenses.

Each Chemistrie Clip is custom-made to fit virtually any frame and prescription. Additional customizable options include bridge, magnet, and optional Swarovski crystal colors. When it doesn’t make sense to purchase a second pair of prescription glasses, Chemistrie Clips are a versatile and affordable option to transform prescription glasses into prescription sunglasses, readers, computer glasses and more.

Explore the full Chemistrie line below:

Fully polarized sun protection ready for outdoor activities.

Office-ready blue-light protection designed to reduce the eye strain caused by computer, tablet, and phone screens.

Optimized reader lenses ideal for small print and writing.

3D lens clip-on for passive, circular 3D movies and television.

Lenses for color vision deficiency (CVD, also known as colorblindness) to help enhance


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